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The Global Timepieces Shop is an authorized retailer of new watches from a growing but carefully curated set of brands. By partnering directly with the brands we carry, we guarantee 100% authenticity of everything we sell. We even offer free shipping and returns, and a complimentary extended year warranty on all watches, so you can be confident you’ll be happy with your purchase.





瑞士鐘錶名匠ZENITH正式宣佈華語樂壇靈魂人物陳奕迅成為其品牌代言人,以「分秒必真INTO THE SECOND」為宣言,向因執着熱愛而全情專注的每個時光瞬間致敬。



因熱愛而專注與堅持的每一秒,才積澱出每一次傾情演繹的動人旋律;精益求精不斷在極限裏苛求更高巔峯,才淬鍊出一枚更精準的機芯。陳奕迅對音樂的極致專注與ZENITH之於鐘錶製造的執着堅持可謂不謀而合,賦予了「分秒必真」完美註解。從經典高振頻機芯El Primero星速,到創下1/100秒超頻計時奇蹟的Defy,ZENITH不斷突破計時極限,成就多個瑞士鐘錶的變革鉅作。

ZENITH全球行政總裁朱利安.託內爾(Julien Tornare)先生自合作開始,便對陳奕迅的才華橫溢、熱情真誠,以及雙方的完美契合留下深刻印象,他表示,「我們非常高興邀請到陳奕迅先生加入ZENITH大家庭。此次合作可稱為天作之合,陳奕迅先生對音樂的專注與才華完美詮釋了我們的堅持與態度。」

Zenith is proud to announce pop music legend Eason Chan as its new celebrity ambassador. The sophisticated new partnership is showcased in a brand-new advertising campaign entitled "Into the Second”.


Illustrating the partners’ shared commitment to innovation, dedication and passion. Eason Chan is a gifted high-achiever known to the Chinese public as the "God of Songs”.